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Closer | Ближе

A simple Russian guy meets a female tourist from France and asks her out on a dare. This short comedy film brings you the atmosphere of a fresh and bright Moscow summer.

Sergey is a car mechanic from the outskirts of Moscow. Selena is a Frenchwoman who came to see the city where her parents met.

All it takes is one day, a ridiculous bet, and an innocent deceit to bring two opposites together.

Сергей — простой автослесарь с окраины Москвы. Селена — француженка, приехавшая посмотреть на город, где познакомились ее родители. Однажды нелепое пари и невинный обман сводят их вместе.

New Year’s Eve

music video for Anton Sokolov

And looking forward to this evening,
Again, candles are lit on the table,
Carrying all your life
Through the years...

Author/performer: Anton Sokolov
With the participation of Konstantin Khabensky
Director: Dmitry Rudakov
Santa Claus: Vsevolod Blotner
Santa Claus in childhood: Dmitry Grib

All funds collected in December were directed to the "Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation"

the New birth

video for rgisi

The New Birth is a reflection on the process of studying in a theatre university post-covid. The lockdown forced students at Russia's oldest performing arts university to stay home and stop creating art in person. After the restrictions stopped and we returned to offline classes nothing stayed the same. We had to figure out what is post-covid theatre, and what our place is in it as artists, performers, and creators... What is left? What is born?

Concept by Margarita Syrocheva
Director of Choreography: Arkady Darbinyan
Director of Videography: Vladislava Brosalova, Alexander Fedorov

Camera and Editing: Vladislava Brosalova, Alexander Fedorov

Producer: Margarita Vakhitova

Performers: Sofia Suchkova, Maxim Pogolsha

Special thanks to the Russian Institute of Performing Arts

Please don't blame anyone
Прошу никого не винить 

An orphan girl lives alone in an old summer house located in a godforsaken Russian village. She drinks cheap spirits and mourns her unlucky life. Then, something horrible happens…

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